Who can become our member?

Any individual aged over 16 and resident in the UK, or any company whose registered office is in the UK, can become a member of NW3 CLT. Members have a direct say in how we work and we welcome hands-on involvement from them.

NW3 CLT is a democratic organization. Directors are elected from the membership on a one-member one-vote basis at the Annual General Meeting.

The one-off NW3 CLT membership fee is £3: £1 towards one share and £2 towards administrative costs.
A member can, at any time, increase their shareholding by buying more £1 shares. Every share application will attract a flat admin fee of £2 to help with administrative costs.

Members agree to be bound by the Rules of NW3 CLT, a copy of which is available here

A member who meets the NW3 CLT housing allocation criteria could become a beneficiary (for allocation criteria see Why should you become a member)

Membership form


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